Green Glamour on the Oscars Red Carpet

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Well Livia Firth has done it again. In what will hopefully be an annual “Green Carpet Challenge” taken on by many, Olivia Firth accompanied her husband Colin to the Oscars for the 2nd consecutive year in yet another beautiful sustainable gown proving, yet again that green and sustainable can be as glamorous as conventional fashions.

This should come as no surprise really because Green Fashion, after all, has little to do with the designs and more to do with the fabrics used to create them. Fabrics used in sustainable fashion can include anything from recycled fabrics, to organic cotton, to sustainable silk with a number of other options in between. Conventional fashion on the other hand tend to be made with pesticide laden fabrics or artificial manmade chemically laden fabrics.

Livia’s dress was designed by English designer Gary Harvey using recycled and upcycled fabrics from 11 different vintage dresses that reflected the time period of The King’s Speech. The end result was a breathtaking showpiece that had a modern look with an ethereal quality. Perfect for a magical night at the Oscars! Oh, and did I mention the fair traded jewels?

Can’t wait to see next year’s!
You can follow Livia Firth Green Carpet Challenge at her Vogue UK blog here