The world’s only Icepressed Olive Oil goes mainstream!

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Icepressed Organic Rallis Olive Oil has gone mainstream, having been featured recently in one of Canada’s main national newspapers, the Globe and Mail.  The article, which can be found here, highlights the uniqueness of the Rallis Icepressed Olive Oil and how a proprietary technology, developed by Theo Rallis, has allowed them to blend the traditional art of olive oil production with modern technology to create a product whose quality surpasses that of any olive oil that is currently being produced.

Ice pressing, the technology in question, allows the olives to be pressed at 0 degrees, something no other producer has replicated.  This means that the resulting olive oil retains all of its original nutrients, many of which have been scientifically documented to provide significant health benefits, including improved cognition (memory and thought process) and improved immunity.  In fact, the Journal of Neurology has found that “the colder the processing of olive oil, the higher the immune boosting properties.”

As Theo explains, icepressing yields significantly less oil than the traditional heat method, resulting in a very premium product, “it truly is a live, healing oil”.  With a near flawless acidity level of .017%, the flavor is second to none as is demonstrated by the recognition it has received winning the Best Olive Oil award at the Gourmet Products Awards in Los Angeles ‘11/’12 and by its devotees including actor Woody Harrelson and Canadian celebrity chef Mark McKewen.

A lot of information has come out in the past few years about olive oil scams.  Tom Mueller first wrote about the corruption in the olive oil industry in 2007, where low quality olive oil was cut with cheaper oils such as sunflower and hazelnut.  Fraud in the olive oil industry remains a problem to this day and with little regulation, it appears it will be an issue for some time to come.  Rallis Olive Oil however, is as authentic as it gets.

Stay tuned, the Rallis family is adding to its product line to include fresh olives, olive oil soap, and hopefully, in the not too distant future, tapenade (one of my favorites).   Real Food eating (not the olive oil soap part) just keeps getting better and better!

You can find Rallis Olive Oil here.


Organic Ice Pressed Rallis Olive Oil now available!!

Ice Pressed Ralis Organic Olive Oil

Our new Organic Ice Pressed Rallis Olive Oil has come in!  Well actually it arrived last month and made its way into the gift baskets of a few lucky recipients this holiday season.  We are so excited to be able to bring an oil of this quality to our customers.

This international award winning oil is one of the most authentic olive oils available today.  It is a single estate organic olive oil from the Rallis family owned, centuries old, olive grove in Greece.  The time honored traditions have all been respected when it comes to producing this oil.   The olives are grown organically and are pressed within 12 hours of being hand harvested.  This, combined with the unique extraction technique developed by Theo Rallis called “ice pressed”, means the oil is not heated during the pressing process, which in turn ensures that the integrity of the flavor is maintained and preserves the health enhancing nutrients that are contained in pure olive oil.

This is a step above the premium cold pressed extra virgin olive oils currently available in the marketplace.  The cold pressed label is an unregulated one, and in many cases, the oil is heated to temperatures as high as 55 degrees Celsius or 135 degrees Fahrenheit, taking with it much of its nutrient value.

With a near flawless acidity of .1%, Rallis Ice Pressed Organic Olive Oil has an amazing taste profile and has become a favorite with chefs and foodies alike, and once you try it, it is sure to become one of yours!

Both a  true delicacy and a superfood!

Indulge to your heart’s content, (literally).  For more on the health benefits of Organic Olive Oil see here and here.

Depending on whether you’re purchasing as a gift or not, the price for a 375 ml bottle is $30.00 to $33.00.  Additional savings can be enjoyed by purchasing 2 bottles as the shipping cost remains the same whether purchasing 1 bottle or 2.

To your health!