World’s Best Non-Dairy Creamer for your Coffee

If you‘re a coffee lover, then this is for you (unless you love your coffee black, of course). I’ve been searching for a non-dairy creamer for a while now, one that would make my coffee taste as decadent as the half and half cream I’d become accustomed to using. I tried almond milk, rice milk and even hemp milk but all of them were just too watery and added absolutely no decadence to my coffee at all.

I finally figured it out and here is the recipe below. I realized that what likely made the cream so good was its fat content and so I decided to try blending coconut oil into the almond milk. A couple of little tweaks later and voila! Perfection! This creamer is so good, I often find myself having an extra cup of coffee… but the ingredients in the creamer are super nutritious so I’m hoping that makes up for the extra coffee 😉

If you get a chance to try it, let us know how you like it!

You can find the printable version of this recipe right below here or  on our site in our Exotic Ingredients and Superfoods Collection

1 1/4 cup Almond Milk
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
1 tsp of Maca Powder
1 heaping tsp of Cacao Powder
1 squirt of Agave Syrup

Melt the coconut oil.  Either place the entire jar of coconut oil in a bowl of hot water and let it sit until 1/4 C of it  melts or put a the 1/4 C of  coconut oil into another smaller glass jar and place that in a bowl of hot water until it’s melted.

Put the almond milk into a saucepan and warm it up – not to the boiling point just so it’s lukewarm to warm.  This will help the ingredients bind better.

Once the coconut oil is melted, add in the cacao powder and the maca powder and mix this until it’s all blended into the oil.

Place the warm Almond milk in the blender, add the coconut oil that’s been blended with the cacao powder and the maca powder and add a squirt of agave syrup and blend.

What you will end up with is the most frothy, creamy, heavenly tasting non-dairy creamer ever.  If you don’t have a blender, shaking it in a jar will do but it won’t likely be as frothy but the taste will be there.   Pour into your freshly brewed Organic Coffee.

Store in a small jar in the fridge but make sure the jar has a tight lid so you can shake it up well before using it again.



Leather iPad Case: A Tale of 2 Cases

Could you tell the difference between these two iPad Cases? Both are made of high quality Italian leather, both are grey, both would protect an iPad or reader from scratches and smudges, and both have a sleek and polished look and would be suitable for anyone on the move but only one of these is sustainable. Can you guess which one? Okay, maybe the fish design is a dead give away but yes, the one with the screen printed fish on it is the one that is also sustainable.

It was created by Dewdrop Designs and comes in a variety of colors and screen printed designs as well as one in a faux snake skin embossed finish. The high quality Italian leather used to create these iPad cases however is upcycled, meaning it comes from remnants of other industries that would be thrown away and end up in landfills if it were not given another use. This leather is then dyed using natural dyes, which once again minimizing it’s environmental impact. Each leather iPad case is hand stitched in the USA, making each one a truly unique find!


This recipe is the first in an upcoming series of recipes that demonstrate that you can indulge in decadent foods while at the same time getting some life enhancing nutrients from them.  This particular recipe includes mostly raw ingredients except for the roasted almonds, but if you prefer all raw then leave the almonds unroasted.  I really like the flavor that the roasted almonds give though and you still get the nutrients from the raw almonds.  I tested this recipe on some very picky eaters without letting them know of the health benefits and it got some great reviews! Try it out and see! The recipe is below if you’d like to print it out. Let us know how it went!


If you have any decadent recipes that are also nutrient rich we’d love to hear about them!

The ingredients for this can be found in our green gifts Wellness Collections Superfoods gift with more coming soon!

You can also get these ingredients at or in the USA at


½ cup raw organic almonds
½ cup roasted organic almonds
1/4 cup roasted organic almonds (optional)
3/4 cup raw organic cacao powder
1 tbsp organic goji berry powder
1 ½ tbsp organic maca
1 ½ tsp organic vanilla bean
½ tsp sea salt or himalayan salt
3 tbsp organic cacao nibs (optional)
1/4 cup organic agave
½ cup organic coconut oil

1) Roast the 3/4 cup almonds then take ½ cup and powder it either in a coffee grinder or food processor.  Take the remaining 1/4 cup roasted almonds and chop them into small pieces.
2) Melt the coconut oil.  Put the 1/4 cup of coconut oil in a jar and place in a bowl filled with hot water until it is melted.
3) Take the ½ cup of raw almonds and powder them either in a coffee grinder or a food processor.
4) Mix together: the powdered raw almonds, the powdered roasted almonds, the goji berry powder, the maca powder, the ground vanilla beans, the salt and the cacao powder (you can use cocoa powder but you just won’t get all of the nutrients you get from the raw cacao powder).  Then put through a sifter.  (Sifting is not absolutely necessary but it creates a finer consistency.)
5) Add in the agave and the coconut oil and mix well.
6) Add in the 1/4 cup roasted and chopped almonds and the cacao nibs and mix
7) Pour into a 6 x 8 pan and refrigerate for 1 hour
8) Cut into squares and store in the freezer


Organic Minute Edition 1

Welcome to our first edition of Organic Minute. We’re still in the planning phase and working through the format but our intent is to provide a quick and easy way to keep you updated on the happenings in the Organic and Sustainable Living Worlds that are either helping or harming our ability to feed our family and friends the best tasting and most nutritious foods possible.

Currently, the biggest threat to our ability to eat Organic foods is the GMO industry. The US government has approved some new GMO crops which are known to be susceptible to pollination and can have a major affect on current organic agriculture including agricultural crops that feeds organically raised animals such as Kentucky bluegrass. THIS THREAT IS REAL AND URGENT. Any action, in fighting this is welcome.

If there are any topics you’d like to know more about, please let us know, we’re open to suggestions.

Here are some links to the stories in this edition if you’d like more information:
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Monsanto and Gates Foundation Push GMOs on Africa:
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Michigan Woman Faces Jail for Organic Garden in Her Front Yard:
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Who Says Organic Can’t be Sexy???

I just LOVE Maria Rodale’s March 21st Huffington Post article titled “Top 10 Ways to Make Organic More Sexy”. I completely agree with all 10 points but where Fresh Unlimited is concerned, point 4 (design), point 6 ( packaging), point 7 (decadence) and point 10 (Fun!) are especially relevant. Please click here for the entire article…

This article articulates what we believe so perfectly and is the basis for the creation of Fresh Unlimited. The “organic” or “green” philosophy has suffered somewhat from a… well negative is not really the right word here… but a certain perception due to it’s association with the “60’s hippie/granola” movement. The organic movement, however, I think suffers more from this, whereas the green movement, in general, suffers from a perception of deprivation and restraint or the idea that we have to give up on the pleasures and indulgences we’ve become accustomed to for the sake of the planet.

But if you look at the facts, the only difference between organic products and conventional products is the ingredients/materials used to create them (and probably also the intent behind their creation but that’s a whole other post). Pick any gourmet food item and it can be created with organic ingredients to provide not only the same amazing taste experience but can do so without having to ingest toxic chemicals. Pick any gown, dress, suit, jeans and they can be recreated to perfection with organic/eco materials (see Olivia Firth post as an example). Same with shoes etc…. So in principle, organic products should be seen as equal or superior to conventional products but the disconnect, as pointed out in Maria Rodale’s article, lies in perception, which includes packaging and design.

So what does it mean for something to be perceived as “sexy”? When people think of sexy, they generally think of something exciting, vibrant, energetic, and fun. These are life affirming emotions. Is it any wonder that people respond more positively? Compare this with the notions of deprivation and restraint that we often hear about in the green movement, and combine it with bland oatmeal colored packaging and well…

We began Fresh Unlimited because we started seeing products coming into the marketplace that were decadent as well as organic and wanted to raise awareness about their existence. In recent years, more and more such products have come on the scene including Olsen Haus and Beyond Skin shoes, clothing designer Leila Hafzi, Alberto Parada jewelry and most of the world’s top chefs including Alain Passard, Marc Veyrat, Mauro Colagreco, Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver and the list goes on…

So we are definitely making headway when it comes to the decadence, packaging, and design now if we could just make some noise and, as Maria Rodale phrased it “Go Big!” and make more noise to change the perceptions many still have about organic and green products and show off their fun and sexy side!

What do you think?

Our Dewdrop Designs Sustainable Leather iPad Case on Ecouterre

Our Dewdrop Designs Sustainable Leather iPad case has been included in Ecouterre’s list of 14 sustainable iPad cases.

We love its modern yet classic look and believe this iPad case really stands out among its competitors, a number of which can been seen on Ecouterre as well.

Made with buttery soft leather that was upcycled and dyed with natural dyes, the Dewdrop Designs cases are stylish and sustainable too.

And just in time for spring, Dewdrop Designs has also introduced some great new colors including a metallic grey. You can see the rest of the colors at Fresh Unlimited.

Perfect as a graduation gift or groomsmen / bridesmaid gift!

MSNBC Poll finds 96% want GMOs labeled (so far)…

MSNBC has a poll on their site about labeling GMO foods

The question asked is “Do you believe genetically modified foods should be labeled?” With 44,000 respondents so far, an overwhelming 96% support the labeling of GMO foods.

The US government and Monsanto’s position has always been that the American public doesn’t care about GMO’s so why should they be labeled? This poll shows they are DEAD WRONG.

Monsanto has bowed to anti-GMO pressures in Europe where labeling is required on all products that contain GMO. The funny thing is, the makers of GMOs and food producers know that if they label foods as containing GMOs, people won’t buy them. That’s why all the food shipped by US companies like Kraft and Kellogs to Europe are GMO-free. So the good non-contaminated foods go to Europe while we, in North America, get to be unwitting participants in the GREAT GMO EXPERIMENT, that is until our voice gets as loud as Europe’s voice.

It’s a small and quick thing to do – go to the MSNBC site and let your voice be heard and send the link to anyone you know who cares about the food they eat. The future of our food supply is at stake!

As things now stand eating certified organic foods is the only way to ensure you’re not consuming GMO’s but the more GMO’s are approved, the greater the chances that Organic crops will be contaminated.

For more information on the dangers of GMOs, please check the Institute for Responsible Technology at and take part in one of their campaigns – it’s easy!