Wrap your Valentine in pure warmth and style!

organic merino wool scarf organic merino wool wrap

Fresh Unlimited announces the addition of the Swans Island Organic Merino Wool Wrap and Men’s Scarves to its gifts selection. As far as Valentine’s Gifts go, chocolate is wonderful but is quickly eaten up and gone without a trace. Our organic merino wool wrap or scarves however will keep your valentine warm throughout the winter months. The stylish wrap can also be used on cool summer nights. Merino wool has a quality that will keep you warm in cold temperatures and keep moisture away from the skin during warm temperatures so can be used year round.

As well, the quality of Swans Island products is unsurpassed. The company is committed to their founding principle of preserving the authenticity and traditional time honored techniques of hand weaving and using the highest quality sustainably sourced materials (certified organic where possible) from humanely treated sheep to create classic pieces with a modern twist that, with proper care, can last a lifetime and then some! A perfect Valentine Gift!


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