New Product – What has your candle holder / candle done for you lately?

Pink Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Pink Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Did you know that candles and candle holders not only provide a great ambiance, but can also help clean and detoxify the air and make you fell better?  Now, we’re not talking about just any candle holder and certainly not just any candle.

For instance, most candles in the marketplace today are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product, which is filled with toxins.  On top of that, many of these candles also contain synthetic scents created to match some well loved scents, most of which can be found in nature ie. cinnamon, jasmine, etc… or various blends.  When these candles are lit and heat up, they release these toxins into the air where they can be inhaled  But when a beeswax candle is lit, it’s a whole different story.

Beeswax is considered the cleanest and longest burning fuel and when lit, emits something called negative ions.   Science has proven that anything floating in the air is positively charged.  This includes all toxins, pollens, dust, molds, bacteria, viruses etc… and these are substances we can breath in.  Due to the “opposites attract” law, these negative ions released by beeswax candles are then able to attach themselves to the positively charged matter floating in the air.  Once attached, they become too heavy to stay in the air, and they fall to the ground where they can no longer be inhaled.   Science has also found that negative ions can help with mood, stress and breathing, although the best way to gain significant exposure is by being outside in nature, especially barefoot [but that’s another post ;)].

The principle is similar with our candles holders.  But again, we’re not talking about just any candle holders, we are talking about Pink Himalayan Salt Candle Holders.  Pink Himalayan Salt has a crystalline structure and when the salt crystals are exposed to heat, which then combines with the moisture in the air, they create negative ions.  These negative ions are then able to bind with the positively charged, often toxic particles floating in the air.  Once again, these particles become too heavy to continue floating and fall to the ground.

So, pairing the Pink Himalayan Salt Candle Holders with Beeswax Candles increases this “feel good” negative ion power.  Not only do you get a great ambiance, but you also get the additional benefit of cleaner air.  It is this negative ion power that’s the reason behind the increasing popularity of salt caves, the latest in spa treatments.

These candle holders are a new addition to Fresh Unlimited.  They come in a set of 3 spherical Pink Himalayan Salt Candle Holders with 3 beeswax tealight candles.

Check them out here!

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The world’s only Icepressed Olive Oil goes mainstream!

rallis post copy

Icepressed Organic Rallis Olive Oil has gone mainstream, having been featured recently in one of Canada’s main national newspapers, the Globe and Mail.  The article, which can be found here, highlights the uniqueness of the Rallis Icepressed Olive Oil and how a proprietary technology, developed by Theo Rallis, has allowed them to blend the traditional art of olive oil production with modern technology to create a product whose quality surpasses that of any olive oil that is currently being produced.

Ice pressing, the technology in question, allows the olives to be pressed at 0 degrees, something no other producer has replicated.  This means that the resulting olive oil retains all of its original nutrients, many of which have been scientifically documented to provide significant health benefits, including improved cognition (memory and thought process) and improved immunity.  In fact, the Journal of Neurology has found that “the colder the processing of olive oil, the higher the immune boosting properties.”

As Theo explains, icepressing yields significantly less oil than the traditional heat method, resulting in a very premium product, “it truly is a live, healing oil”.  With a near flawless acidity level of .017%, the flavor is second to none as is demonstrated by the recognition it has received winning the Best Olive Oil award at the Gourmet Products Awards in Los Angeles ‘11/’12 and by its devotees including actor Woody Harrelson and Canadian celebrity chef Mark McKewen.

A lot of information has come out in the past few years about olive oil scams.  Tom Mueller first wrote about the corruption in the olive oil industry in 2007, where low quality olive oil was cut with cheaper oils such as sunflower and hazelnut.  Fraud in the olive oil industry remains a problem to this day and with little regulation, it appears it will be an issue for some time to come.  Rallis Olive Oil however, is as authentic as it gets.

Stay tuned, the Rallis family is adding to its product line to include fresh olives, olive oil soap, and hopefully, in the not too distant future, tapenade (one of my favorites).   Real Food eating (not the olive oil soap part) just keeps getting better and better!

You can find Rallis Olive Oil here.

Headed to the Farmer’s Market this weekend? Smashed Lemon Thyme Potatoes, the Perfect Recipe for those Organic Baby Potatoes you’re going to get…

Recipe for Lemon Thyme Smashed Potatoes and Dressing

I originally got this recipe from Giada De Laurentis on the Food Channel, but tweaked it just a bit, so if you’d like to see the original recipe check it out here

I love lemon, probably as much as anything out there, and that’s what caught my eye (or ear in this case), when I came across this recipe.  I had missed the first part of the recipe, but the lemon/thyme dressing caught my attention.  It sounded so amazing I had to try it.  Unfortunately, I missed the part about having to boil the potatoes first.  All I saw was Giada De Laurentis placing the potatoes on a plate and flattening them with her hands, and pretty easily too, I might add.

But when I tried flattening my freshly washed baby potatoes, it wasn’t quite as easy.  As a matter of fact, it was almost impossible.  I literally has to smash them down with a heavy glass.  I did manage to get them flattened, but many of them had broken apart and looked nothing like I had seen on the recipe.  Nonetheless, I persevered and, although the frying part took longer than I thought, I managed to get them cooked.  But the dressing that went on top…. ooohhhh that dressing… now that just…. made the dish!!!

Short story long… (he, he) I decided to track down the recipe online, and it didn’t take me long to realize where I had gone wrong…  BOIL THE POTATOES FIRST!  Moral of the story is if you’re catching a recipe mid-way through, always check the beginning before trying it yourself!  You could save yourself a lot of work and frustration!

Anyways farmer’s markets are packed now and there are plenty of fresh Organic and Local vegetables out there including potatoes and thyme.  So, here’s the recipe for Smashed Lemon Thyme Baby Potatoes

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Salt; The Good, The Bad and the Ugly… the truth is not so black and white (Part 1)

Sea Salt

For years we’ve been told to avoid salt at all cost,  and more recently there has even been talk about government stepping to regulate its use in the food industry,  (more government regulations, just what we need).  From the research I’ve found looking into this topic, it appears that the results are not quite as conclusive as the warnings would indicate and that the evidence pointing to the health risks posed by salt is flimsy at best.

“You can say without any shadow of a doubt, that the authorities pushing the eat-less-salt message had “made a commitment to salt education that goes way beyond the scientific facts.” (NYT oped)  


“…the evidence from studies published over the past two years actually suggests that restricting how much salt we eat can increase our likelihood of dying prematurely.  Put simply, the possibility has been raised that if we were to eat as little salt as the U.S.D.A. and the C.D.C. recommend, we’d be harming rather than helping ourselves.”  (NYT oped)

Please read the full New York Times June 2, 2012 oped as well as the Weston Price Foundation article for a more accurate picture of salt and its role in our overall wellbeing.

This is reminiscent of the scam issue we faced with trans-fats where the food industry was able to convince mainstream health agencies that transfats were a healthy option, when all along, it was the transfats that were responsible for the health risks the food industry was accusing saturated fats of causing ie. high cholesterol, heart disease…  Though this time the food industry is not behind the salt reduction campaign (this cheap imitation salt is far too useful to them), health organizations seem similarly willing to buy into preliminary research and are jumping to conclusions full force.  They have latched on to the demonization of salt as a whole and the belief that it must be severely restricted.  And it doesn’t appear they will be letting this go any time soon.

The truth is…
Salt has been a treasured commodity for thousands of years and there is a very good reason for this – OUR BODIES NEED IT TO SURVIVE.  Salt is needed for  a number of the crucial functions our bodies perform everyday.

It should be noted here that the salt referred to in the studies is table salt or iodized salt, the lowest quality salt available (and coincidentally, also the cheapest salt).  This is the type of salt used by the food industry, which apparently serves a number of purposes including acting as a preservative as well as intensifying the flavor of foods which masks less pleasant flavors in processed foods.  It is estimated that 75 to 80% of salt in the average American’s diet comes from processed foods .

The health agencies in questions could better spend their time by looking into the differences between table salt, which is used in significant quantities by the food industry (Sodium Chloride) and the natural unprocessed salts (Sodium).

Given mainstream media and the mainstream medical community’s track record, it really is up to each one of us to individually remain vigilant about the various health claims made and educate ourselves in order to get to the real truth.

Fresh Unlimited Flavors of Summer Giveaway Begins!

Our Flavors of Summer giveaway is now underway!  Summer is in full swing and we’re beginning to see  the garden fresh fruit and vegetables popping up at local stands and farmer’s markets.   We’ve included in our Giveaway, all the essentials that will help bring out all of those amazing flavors.  Our featured item is a bottle of Organic Icepressed Rallis Olive Oil, and also includes Organic New Zealand Sea Salt, an Artisan Pepper Collection, a bottle of O Champagne Vinegar and a Pink Himalayan Salt Sushi Plate.  Perfect for summer entertaining.

One of our goals is to bring attention to both the low quality of ingredients that have been made available to us and the impact these can have on our health as well as to provide access to high quality ingredients, exotic ingredients and superfoods that not only have a superior flavor but also contain actual nutrients that are bodies are craving.   As any great chef will tell you, the flavor of an culinary creation depends on the quality of the ingredients used.  At Fresh Unlimited, we believe that GMO-free ingredients, that are also free of synthetic chemical pesticide and herbicide residues, and that have been grown in mineral rich soils should always be the starting point.

We’ve been warned about our poor state of our soils since the 1930’s when Document 264 was presented to the Senate.  The document had been requested by the  Senate to look into the state of minerals in our foods and provided evidence of the mineral deficient state of the soils in America.  In more recent years, the official report of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit showed that  over the last 100 years, average mineral levels in agricultural soils had fallen worldwide by 72% in Europe,
76% in Asia and 85% in North America.  As a result the large majority of us are extremely deficient in a number of key nutrients that are critical to our wellbeing.

Luckily, there there are some producers out there who have a passion for what they do and will not in anyway compromise their beliefs.  The result is authentic, high quality ingredients that provide the full flavor we seek along with the nutrients we so desperately lack.  Our featured product, Organic Icepressed Rallis Olive Oil exemplifies all of these high standards resulting in a truly authentic Olive Oil bursting with flavor and nutrients.  It is these type of high quality ingredients we want to make available to our customers.

Real Flavor + Real Nutrients = Real Food

The Giveaway Includes:

  • 1 Organic Ice Pressed Rallis Olive Oil (375 ml) ( made using olives from a family owned century old olive grove in Greece and pressed within 12 hours of hand harvesting using a new technique that uses Zero heat – near flawless acidity level of .14% )
  • 1 Organic New Zealand Sea Salt (100 gms) (containing a rich assortment of minerals from the sea)
  • 1 Artisanal Pepper Collection (sustainably sourced, free from additives includes ground muntok, ground long, ground comet’s tail, ground lampung, long peppercorns, and comet’s tail peppercorns)
  • 1 O Champagne Vinegar (200 ml) (GMO-free, handcrafted using old world techniques of natural aging in wood barrels to provide a light complex flavor)
  • 1 Pink Himalayan Salt Sushi Plate (4 x 8 x 1 1/4)  (sustainably sourced, mineral rich, perfect for entertaining, will hold sushi, sushimi, hors d’oeuvres, fruit, vegetables, cheese etc… to absorb some of the rich mineral salt).

To enter:  Simply visit Fresh Unlimited’s Facebook Page, click on the Giveaway Offer Tab, and if you haven’t already done so, click the “Like” button.  Then, just leave a comment about your favorite way to enjoy Olive Oil.  (All recipes and pictures are welcome).  The winner will be selected in a random draw on August 5th, 2012.  (Open to anyone with a Canada or USA address).

For more information on Icepressed Rallis Olive Oil, see our video here.

Big Fat Lies – The Greatest Scam in the History of Medicine

big Fat Lies, The Truth About the Fats in Our Everyday Foods

We’ve recently added 2 new amazing products to our collection, the Ice Pressed Organic Rallis Olive Oil and also the Ultimate Super Foods Raw Unfiltered Organic Coconut Oil.  A big part of our reason for adding these was both because of their superior quality as well as the positive health effects experienced when we consume them.

It was while doing some research on coconut oil that I came across some conflicting information about it and about saturated fats as a whole and found myself needing to learn more about fats in general and the messages we receive in the media about them on a daily basis.  It’s as though we’ve been conditioned by the media messages to think of fats as a bad thing that should be avoided as much as possible, especially the saturated fats.  And given the obesity crisis we’re facing, it’s easy to associate eating fats with getting fat.

After a lot of research in this area. I found this could not be further from the truth and it appears that it is in fact, this misinformation, that is to blame for the epidemic of disease we now see including heart disease, diabetes, obesity…    This is what Dr. George Mann described as “The Greatest Scam in the History of Medicine”.  The truth is, we NEED fats and we NEED saturated fats for our bodies and brains to function optimally.

The large majority of the fats currently found in prepared foods has either been manipulated, chemically altered, refined or heated beyond recognition.  Our bodies do not know what to do with these “fake” fat substances and they certainly do not provide us with the benefits that natural fats are intended to.  As study after study has shown, these “fake” fats are the fats that are responsible for the epidemic of heart disease, diabetes, obesity that we’re facing now, not the natural saturated fats as media and industry would like to have us believe.

The misinformation out there in mainstream media is spread not only by the media itself, but also by so called experts who really should know better and should have done their research.  The information I found was so staggering that what was originally going to be a post on the topic, quickly became an article, which in the end turned into a booklet of sorts.

This “mess” for lack of a better word began as far back as the early 1900’s and has led us to turn away from the very fats our bodies need and towards the ones that are causing us harm.  Getting informed is the first place to start and the “booklet” was intended to serve as a preliminary resource.  The sources and references links at the end provide some great information including scientific studies and could very well be a start to setting ourselves free from this health disaster we’re now in.  It is only once we “know” that we can then use our purchasing power and start demanding better!

You can find the article here: Big Fat Lies:  The Truth You Need to Know About the Fats in Your Everyday Foods

Better than Gourmet Organic Chocolate Bars: A Great Alternative for Chocolate Month!

Organic chocolate bar recipe

I’m sensing another recipe video on the way…   I had a chance to play around with the chocolate again, (and to clarify that was in the kitchen) and I have to say this recipe turned out pretty extremely delicious, so I thought I’d post it here in case anyone wanted to give it a try before the video is ready.  If you love chocolate, it really is worth it!

Roasted almond chocolate bars are one of my favorite chocolate bars, and after having had such good results with our chocolate almond brownie fudge recipe, better known on Youtube as the World’s Best Chocolate Almond Brownie Fudge, I started wondering if it would be possible to recreate roasted almond chocolate bars, but an improved version using the high quality chocolate or cacao powder that contains all of the nutrients real chocolate is supposed to contain ie. magnesium, chromium, iron, bliss chemical …  As it turns out, it’s more than possible, tastes amazing and is really very easy to do.

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